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Who is snapsurance?

snapsurance was born out of need. From 2010-2013 a series of natural disasters in Colorado made CDP Innovations LLC., the creators of snapsurance, realize that if a disaster were to ever strike their home, they had no way of knowing EXACTLY what they had lost. They set out to make the best and easiest-to-use home inventory that had ever been created. With ease, security, and utility in mind, the idea and framework for snapsurance was born.

snapsurance is a home inventory system that uses a website and a cloud-based system to create independent and verifiable records of your belongings that can be used in the event of catastrophic loss. Using photographs of your homes items the snapsurance system categorizes, catalogs, and stores information about your items for insurance purposes or for any inventory need. The information is securely stored in the cloud where it is accessible anywhere there is internet access. This creates a highly accurate record of belongings that can be used at any time and can be directly linked to an insurance company’s database. With this system you can be reimbursed by your insurance company quicker and easier meaning you can rebuild and move on from your home’s disaster faster.

By simply taking photos of your homes items, uploading them to the snapsurance system, and adding a little information about the item, you have invested in the BEST way to improve your insurance reimbursement process. We hope you enjoy your experience with snapsurance; and we are always open to your ideas and input on how we can make your experience with snapsurance even better.

Thank you for choosing snapsurance by CDP Innovations LLC.